Special Service Freight Full Truckload Freight and LTL Freight Explained

Special Service Freight Trucking Industry Stats

America runs on trucking. In fact, 80% of all cargo materials in America are transported through the trucking industry. This is far above any other mode of freight transportation in the country. The trucking industry is a diverse, reliable and a great mode of personalized business transportation resource. For businesses large and small, the use of freight trucking is a great option to ensure your company gets the best delivery of your products to any location you need.

Freight transportation via trucking allows for companies of all sizes to get their goods to market no matter whether they are shipping their goods a short distance in state or at a distant location across the country. Additionally, freight transportation is perfect for companies whether it is for a one stop delivery or multiple location deliveries.

One of the primary reasons that trucking is such an important industry is that so much of America’s freight needs to be sent to various parts of the country. While many items are shipped to major metropolises, plenty more are shipped to the rural heartland of America as well. With so many products needing to be hauled for American consumers and businesses in all areas, only a trucking freight service will do the job right.

The trucking industry is perfect for cargo transportation of both short and long-distance locations. In fact, in most cases there is only one way to ensure it gets exactly where it needs to go and that is through the trucking industry.

While some 4-6% of freight is moved by rail, most of this is in combination with the trucking industry. For freight train cargo, the truck trailers are loaded on a freight train and picked up by truckers at a central location and then hauled to their exact destination. In fact, trucking is such a major mode of freight transportation it employs 6% of the entire American workforce.

If you are looking for your freight to be sent via trucking, you are in good company. Presently there are over 1.3 million short distance and long-distance trucking companies in America, with 90% of them having less than 6 trucks in their fleet. That is why it is so important to find the best mode of freight transportation for your company needs.

Trucking Specifics And Special Service Freight Services

There are three primary types of trucking distances. The first is short distance freight trucking under 250 miles. The medium distance freight trucking with distances from 250 miles to 1,000 miles and the long-distance freight trucking of 1,000 miles or more.

Additionally, there are two primary types of cargo freight, these are “Full Truckload” freight services and LTL freight truckload. The LTL is for “Less Than Truckload” freight. That means if a company needs less than a full trailer of freight shipped there is a different baseline cost than for those who have a Full Truckload. In addition, companies who need special service freight for their cargo with a specified time delivery, trucking can offer the best solution for company cargo delivery in a hurry in most cases.

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