It’s Important To Use A Pallet When LTL Shipping Freight

Commercial goods are transported by land, sea, and air regularly throughout the day. The term freight is used to describe these products and extends back to the 1400s. In today’s economy, cargo is used to ship items around the world for use or resell. It is a multi-millionaire dollar industry and imperative to protect the items shipped.

There are several options when it comes to shipping commercial goods. Each carrier will have their restrictions based on the type of trucks used and various other factors. Some things to pay attention to are weight limitations, size and dimension capacity, and what kind of goods the carrier is willing to carry. For example, there are specific guidelines put in place when it comes to shipping items that are deemed toxic or corrosive.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) means that the freight being shipped does not take up an entire truck trailer. Typically, the weight of these shipments is between 200 and 10,000 pounds and is built to fit the dimensions of the container used. Since shipping companies can place several LTL shipments on a trailer, it is required for the freight to be on a pallet and shrink wrapped to form one piece.

There are several reasons why it is important, and required, to use a pallet when using the LTL Shipping Freight option.

With commercial goods moving around the country and possibly the world, there is always the risk of damage to the items before reaching the final destination. Damage equals money lost on perhaps both ends – the shipping and the receiving. Putting items on a pallet with plastic wrap has less chance of being harmed.

When items are on a pallet, there is less of a chance that the freight being shipped ruins other freight. This could happen during transit or when items get transferred between trucks. It is also possible that damage may occur while in a storage facility. The result would be more money lost due to having to replace what the destroyed merchandise. It is best to have everything secured together and on a pallet.

Having the freight on a pallet will keep the items together and substantially increase the chances that all pieces arrive together to the delivery point. Loose items become lost when shipments are jostled around in transit or when being transferred from one truck to another.

The items are secured onto the pallet by the plastic wrap and have a better chance of not being tampered with or stolen. Theft is prevented when the goods are not visible and packaged in regular brown shipping boxes.

When shipping commercial products, there are several benefits to using LTL Shipping Freight. The biggest reason is that it is cost effective. Shipping with a carrier that does LTL is also environmentally friendly. It is important to remember that items need to be on a pallet and to check with each company individually when it comes to other restrictions. Each one may be different.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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