Freight Brokers and Strategic Partners for Business Growth

No matter what size your business is if you are selling a product, it is likely that you spend a good amount of time worrying about shipping, instead of worrying about what is really important, growing your business. Using a freight broker, and 3PL (third party logistics), is having a strategic partner in your business that knows all of the ins and outs of the shipping process and can take on that worry for you. This is a valuable service whether you are a huge company that is always shipping FTL Full truckload, or, LTL Less than truckload.

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One of the most important items in any business is the bottom line. Besides increased product sales, one of the best ways to ensure a healthy bottom line is by saving money in every step of getting a product to market. Using a freight broker will help your bottom line by saving you money. Shipping, and the costs associated with not just the physical movement of product, but the employee costs associated with shipping logistics, research, negotiations, and unforeseen events, can have a tremendous impact on profitability. Having an expert that already has shipping plans in place for almost any possible need, and the history to anticipate what could go wrong, is going to save a company money.

One of the greatest aspects of using a Freight Broker is that they are also invested in your bottom line. They truly are a strategic partner in your business. When you grow, sell more, and ship more, your success is their success. Helping you distribute your product in the most efficient manner possible impacts their bottom line too. This is why working with a freight broker, and using 3PL (third party logistics), creates a perfect partnership. You both have a common goal, scaling your business.

Freight Brokers are often overlooked by newer and smaller businesses because of cost. When a business is younger and likely utilizing LTL Less than load shipping, a broker can be invaluable in placing partial loads with carriers in the most cost-effective way possible. Just the time spent trying to plan the logistics for smaller loads, instead of focusing on product and growth, is often more costly than the small fees that would be paid to a broker. Time spent planning for shipping is at the cost of product and business development. As your business grows and you are ready to utilize FTL Full truckload shipping, your network is already in place for that too.

Just as what you do best is focusing on your product and the needs of your business, shipping is what freight brokers do best. Working with one allows you to use their significant knowledge and expertise to navigate the real world challenges of shipping and logistics.

Companies find success by focusing on what they are best at, their product, and their customer base. You will find that a huge percentage of the large companies operating worldwide, benefit from using freight brokers for all of their shipping needs. Most successful companies can attribute part of their success to the freight broker partnerships they formed early on that allowed them to scale their business at whatever speed was necessary.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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