Over-Dimensional Project Logistics Overview

What is longer than a football field, 2 1/2 school buses wide and weighs more than 323 Toyota Prius’? A GTZ Project Logistics Shipment.


The GlobalTranz Project Logistics team transported three generator skids from a Midwest manufacturing facility to the Port of Houston, TX, for furtherance to South Korea for final assembly. The units will be used to power a new offshore oil platform in the Republic of Congo.

The GlobalTranz team spent over 12 months developing and engineering a multi-modal transportation plan, working with state and local authorities and coordinating each step of the project. GlobalTranz provided the Self-Propelled 12-Line Goldhofer Modular Transporter to remove the generator skids from the manufacturer’s assembly bay and transload to a specialty Dual-Lane Suspension Beam Trailer for over-the-road transport.

Over Dimensional

Over Dimensional

Once loaded to the Dual-Lane Trailer, our crews transported each unit 130 miles from the manufacturer to a port facility located on the Ohio River. Upon arrival, GTZ transferred each generator skid from the Dual-Lane Trailer to the Self-Propelled 12-Line Goldhofer Modular Transporter in order to access the riverfront bulkhead and perform a roll-on transfer operation to the barge.

Careful planning and engineering were required to transfer the generator skids to barge, place in an elevated stow and sea-fasten them for the 2,015-mile journey. Each unit traversed the Ohio River, Mississippi River, and the Intercoastal Waterway.

Over Dimensional

The Massive transport configuration was the largest to be permitted in the state of Texas.

Over Dimensional

Over Dimensional

Whether your project is a one-time or full-scale shipping campaign, you can trust GlobalTranz to plan the optimal route, keep your costs low, while providing you with unmatched project management and customer service to ensure safe delivery of your valuable cargo.

To request a quote, or to speak to a logistician about your over-dimensional shipping requirements, call 586-630-5999 or email jbr@brighterlogistics.com today.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

Source: Globaltranz.com

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