Brighter Logistics Reviews

I continue to be blown away by the reviews and emails our clients take the time to send to me and our staff.  Below is one we just received and I had to share with everyone here in this blog post.

Brighter Logistics Reviews

Thank you Eric and to all of our clients for your continued business and kind words.

Good morning sir – We recently described our experiences, volume opportunities, etc., relating to the service with Brighter Logistics and wanted to expound upon it slightly and directly to you. When we began this company I made it very clear we were not dealing with common LTL carriers. It wasn’t a product I felt we should offer in that the complications involved has devoured the time of operations I’ve been a part of in the past.

We signed onto Accufrate and Unishippers, but the same issues of course occurred. We were almost required to offer it to some extent in starting the company, however. The relationship we’ve developed with you and the Brighter team has proven remarkably beneficial and simply put, you’re team is such a solid group that we’ve expanded our service capabilities with some of our largest clients allowing us to grow exponentially in a small amount of time. The customer service and the amount of care the team provides is far beyond any other competitor I’ve dealt with in nearly 20 years in this industry.

I would like to thank you personally and each and every one of the team. I know I’ve left a few off of the email, but please pass along this note of appreciation.

Eric Ward
Managing Partner, Actus Logistics LLC

Here are a couple of recent video reviews that we have also received.


Thank you,

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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