Brighter Logistics Reviews and Testimonials

Over the past few weeks we have received some kind words from our clients and we want to share these great Brighter Logistics reviews and testimonials in this blog post.

Customer service has been the key to our success and the reason why many of our customers have been with us for years and these testimonials confirm we are on track staying focused on our mission; focusing on the success and growth of small and mid-size companies through unparalleled service, aggressive pricing and one of the most advanced just-in-time delivery systems in the shipping industry.

Brighter Logistics Reviews and Testimonials

Good morning Justin,

My name is C. B. I work at (company left off for privacy). We are very blessed to have found Brighter Logistics for all of our growing business needs. Specifically, Tommy Crank, Lindsay Meatte, and Katie DeSandre. You have quite the team. Each of them has been extremely helpful in some way to us. Tommy has been HUGE for us. Never have I experienced “drop-everything” customer service like this. Minutes after we hang up the phone, Tommy calls back with a solution. He is always on top of things.

If Tommy isn’t available, Katie and Lindsay have quickly and efficiently handled our situations/shipments. Again, they have it solved/situated within minutes. Basically, whenever I call or email y’all, I know that we will be in the best of hands.

I’m a big believer in great work not going unnoticed. I just wanted to inform you of it. We appreciate y’all and can’t wait to see what the future holds for both Over Under and Brighter Logistics!

Have a great Monday!


Your team is doing great.

I mostly work with Lindsay and she makes it really easy to book freight.

She answers all my questions, and gives her opinions when I’m stuck on something.

We have no concerns on our end!    –   A.W.

It’s nice doing business with you again and you’ve always been the top 3 service companies I’ve worked or purchased from in my life. I am very serious when I say this and Idk who the other 2 are, but I’m old and that’s a lot of companies to be top 3!   –  L.P.

You guys ROCK as always. Best of all you make me look good to my boss.  R.S

I hope your day is going well and I just wanted to send you an email regarding the customer service at your company.  I know we discussed how great Wendy is along with your staff but I cannot say enough about her and Georgeanne.  When I do business with any company I not only go by price but I go by the customer service because sometimes the headaches become more of a problem than the cost of something.  Everyone makes mistakes and trust me I have made them along with having to learn the industry and when I came aboard it was very fast paced as I started within a month of their busy season.

I am so grateful that Wendy kept calling because when I do make an error I do not have to panic if I need a BOL corrected or a truck rerouted (and that can get costly if the mistake isn’t caught).  Anytime I have needed help all I have to do is call and let them know the story and they take it from there.  It is such a relief knowing I can move on to the next thing at my desk and not have to look back to make sure things were addressed after I called.

Again thank you guys for the excellent customer service!!!!!

J. S.

You guys truly are the best in the industry and I meant that with my heart and soul.  Georgeanne is an absolute pleasure to work with and she fight for us like a junkyard dog.  We are very grateful to have a relationship with your company.  We call Georgeanne our “Super Broker”

N. N.

Thank you so much for your help today. R&L showed up minutes after I got off the phone with you. And that is HUGE! Is there anyway I could get your boss’ email? I’d like to forward some good vibes and compliments to him/her. Y’all are the best in the business. And I believe that hard work and excellent customer service should never go unnoticed!

Again, thank you. You and Tommy have been godsends to us!


We are grateful for these amazing testimonials and appreciate all of our clients.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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  1. SIX STARS. In my 15 years of owning a business and working with vendors, the other 10 years working with vendors in corporate America and all of my 25 yrs of personal dealings with all different types of companies, Brighter Logistics’ Team is the best vendor I’ve worked with and by far, the BEST in their field. Over the years, I’ve worked with other brokers receiving items, so I’m familiar with other freight companies and there’s no comparison. BL ‘s Customer Service and Knowledge is 6 STARS and tremendous help in growing my international business. Growing internationally is confusing, costly and overwhelming keeping up with the changes. I’ve turned business away until I started working with the BL team. I enjoy working with them so much, it feels like they’re an extension of my work team/family . when I request a quote I get a reply faster than any other company EVER, pick up same day, rates are better, trucking companies they use also say wonderful things about them . I’ve never experienced more helpful, consistent and quality service from any Vendor. For a business growing from boxes to pallets and from US to Canada etc, it’s so rewarding and I’m fortunate to have the best freight company help me get there! Thank you all Team BL, you’re service is an inspiration to all biz owners, each of you are an absolute pleasure to work with and I appreciate your countless out of the way effort’s helping me grow over the years! You Rock!

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