Your 3PL Must Offer These 2 Things For A Successful Partnership

Your 3PL Partnership: The Must-Haves For Your Business

No successful partnership can exist without trust and respect. A little bit of each will go a long way for the section below. Both sides must have these two things to move forward. There are a few things you can do to keep the trust and respect flowing within your 3Pl partnership.


1) You must have a culture fit that feels right. It does not make sense to continue with a partner that looks at things differently. The numbers can look right and line up on paper, but everything else must work right too.

It is like being in a marriage. There are plenty of marriages that look good on paper. When you go beneath the surface, the love is not there at all. The couple is just doing it for the sake of the children or money. There is no way you can have this with your 3Pl partnership. The love must be there too, otherwise, it is not going to work out.

2) You must have everything clearly defined and written down in a contract. A good old-fashioned handshake just does not work anymore. People in business can say anything. You must have outlined what you want to be done, the way you want it done, etc. Anything that is not written down will be left up to circumstance.

You will then have a lot of “he said, she said” dialogue going on. No one is happy. This affects the business and the long-term goals of everyone involved. You need to have everything written. This way no one can dispute what is or is not happening.

3) You need to speak to everyone involved, including your main source of the business. Communication is and always will be the key here. You will have order instead of chaos when you do not employ communication. Everyone must be on the same page. This includes the smallest of details. When no one is on the same page, then anything can happen.

Are you adding to the chaos of the world or the order?

4) Do you have a strategy? Share it. Some tend to assume that a plan they have will never take effect. You never know unless you try. Give it a shot. Let them know what you have in mind. This is also included under the umbrella of “communication”. You never move forward with a plan without talking it through first.

It is all about having trust and respect, along with the other 4 elements. You cannot have one without the other. When one person fails to use trust, communication, loyalty, and respect for one side, then the whole business plan will fall like a deck of cards.

It is the only way your business partnership with these services will move forward and grow.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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