A modern 3PL requires transparency

Logistics — a complex and data driving industry, plays an essential part of our modern 3PL providers. Reliant on how organized suppliers are to deliver on their promises in a timely manner is the difference in getting the customers’ business. In addition, analysts mostly discuss the database management of company products and transport ahead of the business decision. Nowadays, the client leaders approach a deal according to the supply-chain visibility.

A modern 3PL requires transparency

The transparency issue

Further, the transparency issue is to avoid any supply problems. This often occurs because clients do not have access or cannot view the inventory data of the supply-chain. Therefore, third-party partner software can remove this worry. It will enable the clientele to have real time access to a company’s information – such as ending-balance, shipping, and receiving.

However, there are several benefits to be had if you integrate your inventory software with your back-office and accounting arrangements. By improving your inventory controlling system will give you a competitive edge. And, this will enable you to carry out your schedule with customers with small labor costs, plus have no associated errors.

Simply put, if you can see your company’s varying inventory levels, suppliers can ensure their product is at your warehouse or 3PL for your customer’s question. This means you could get maximum satisfaction in knowing where your stock is found and what’s available in your warehouse. Even so, the efforts of modern third-party partners need to show scalability, transparency, flexibility, and reconcilability all in real time.

Find a fully controlled third-party partner

Companies need to find for a controlled third-party partner who provides a flexible-modular software system. By taking this step, you will get the best transparency. What’s more, an integrated partnership will provide you help in cleaning up your supply chain as needed. While you lessen company spending, you’ll have leverage in spreading funds or increase your competitive status and limits.

Now, any company could achieve full optimization by having data, which should provide an accurate insight of corrective action plans. This includes having a discrete partner with tested supply chain expertise. Nevertheless, let’s talk about a total solution to finding the right logistics provider. In addition, think of these expected benefits if you integrate your inventory management software with your back-office system:

  • Presenting inventory accurately in financial accounts
  • Allowing supply-chain partners inventory visibility
  • Meeting product availability and return-on-investment plans by enlarging inventory

The benefits don’t end here, but these three will give your company a big impact. After all, customers wish on-demand products while investors might prefer having no capital tied down in inventory. Meanwhile, many companies are not organized for having a high-level of supply-chain honesty. And, executive preconditions are not followed in terms of needed information — for tracking shipments and handling transport plans.

Your total solution routine must be up-to-date with today’s logistics functioning.

Modern third-party logistics

Clients have intelligent in-house teams looking for something different from what modern third-party logistics offer. However, a successful modern 3PL should attend to customer demands by communication and good standing relations. This is the right change and path for your business managements to keep moving forward.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Update

As Hurricane Harvey continues to impact Houston, South East Texas and parts of Louisiana, our thoughts go out to all those affected by this historic and devastating storm. During this difficult time, we want to assure you that we are prepared and equipped to help you navigate these weather-related supply chain challenges. Our team is working hard to keep you informed about the storm’s impact on freight and the entire logistics industry.

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Update

As your trusted logistics partner, Brighter Logistics has experience supporting shippers during emergency situations. Our service teams are available to you around-the-clock to help your team move critical shipments as quickly and safely as possible.

With every ground and air shipment, we will provide:

  • Single point-of-contact and around the clock customer service availability
  • Proactive notification and visibility throughout the shipment
  • The attention to detail and service you expect

We are here for you.
The storm’s impact on supply chains is being felt across the country. All modes of transportation are experiencing limitations in the hardest hit areas due to flooding, blocked roadways, railways, and terminal closures.  Your Brighter Logistics support teams will go the extra mile to provide solutions that help keep your business operating.

Contact your Brighter Logistics support team with any questions. Call 586-630-5999 or email me directly at jbr@brighterlogistics.com

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics