Your Bill Of Lading And What You Should Know About It

The bill of lading you receive with any shipment is a legal document that you must take quite seriously. The bill is one of the most-misunderstood documents in the business world, and this article explains how the document may be used for your benefit. each step on the list will help you manage your shipping in a better manner. You may learn quite a lot about shipping when you have examined the bill of lading properly.

Freight Broker Bill of Lading

The Manifest

The bill is a document that shows everything in the shipment, and it details all the items, their quantity and how they were shipped. The bill shows the shipping process, and it shares all the customs fees that may be paid. The shipping company compiles the document as it is shipped from one place to another, and it is left with the customer once they have received their shipment.

It Is A Receipt Of Shipment

The bill cannot be received unless the customer has seen their shipment. They may compare the bill to the shipment, and the shipment may be checked if there have been any issues. The shipment that does not match the bill may lead to contacting the company for help, and there are many different people who may need to have more items shipped or replaced if they have received an incomplete shipment.

The Freight Broker Keeps Record Of The Shipment

A freight broker will keep track of the shipments they have sent, and they will hold onto their copy of the bill to ensure they know what was sent to the customer. Customers and shippers may compare notes when a shipment is received, and they will find it quite simple to determine why the two are not the same. There are many instances in which shipments may not be complete, and you must call the shipper to compare the bill to what they sent.

Checking Customs Fees

Checking customs fees is quite important for both parties as they must pay properly before the shipments are sent through. A customs payment is made by the freight company, and they will show the customer how much they owe when the shipment is complete. The bill may show customs fees that must be settled when the customer receives their shipments, and they may start a tab with the freight company when needed.

There are many different ways to send items over freight with a broker, and there are many different things on the bill of lading that must be covered between the shipper and the customer. The customer will learn quite a lot simply by reviewing it. They will show the shipper what has been sent after the fact, and the bill will help the customer know what was shipped. There are many different people who are looking for a better way to track the items they have ordered, and they will notice how simple it is to review the document when they are shipping for business often.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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