What You Need To Know About White Glove Shipping

The term of white glove shipping is not something many people understand. Although you can get a pretty good hunch, it’s not absolutely clear what the service is. If you are thinking of people in white gloves moving your items, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not the case. The main difference between regular shipping and white glove shipping is the fact that movers take extra care when moving your items. If you are trying to move your piano to another address you might need a service like this. Whether you are moving something specific like a piano or a pool table that requires delicate moving or you just want every item handled with caution, white glove delivery always implies the premium quality of service.

Now that we know what it is, let’s dive deeper into all the things that white glove moving services offer:

If you need to move something specific like a piano, white glove shipping is a service for you.

What items require white glove shipping

Not everything requires premium quality shipping. If you are moving something simple like clothes or inexpensive bookshelves, extra care is not needed. I’m sure you love all your belongings and possessions, but some things cost and mean more to you than others. It’s just a fact. This does not mean that a moving company should just throw everything on a pile and not care at all but in general, most things are pretty easy to move. You can never read a review where someone is complaining about their clothes not being carefully placed in the truck. Even if something breaks, it’s not going to be the end of the world for you.

On the other hand, you have items that mean a lot or are worth a lot. Perhaps they are even difficult to move and require the person handling them to concentrate more than usual. It’s more complicated than just shipping your car to another state. These are the items that frequently require white glove shipping. Items such as pianos and pool tables require extra equipment as well such as dollies and blankets. In general, those are items that companies will charge more to handle than the most common ones. Additionally, perhaps you have something that does not fit this description but it’s really expensive. Or it has a sentimental value for you and the thought of something happening to it gives you nightmares. With any of these items, you will need someone who understands how to properly move them.

What can you expect when using white glove shipping

It should be the case that all moving companies always give 100% with every move. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. White glove transportation is something that movers pay more attention to than average, regular moves. That’s the reason why they will charge you more for this type of shipping. The main differences between regular and white glove delivery you can check out below:

Knowing what to expect with white glove shipping can greatly impact your moving decisions.

Customer service is on point when white glove shipping

This is probably the best thing about white glove transportation. We all want the company that we hire to treat us like their number one priority, but it’s often not the case. If you are unlucky or not thorough enough in your research, you might even end up with a bad company that does not care at all. They do not answer your calls after you book or do not provide frequent enough updates. This is not the case with white glove moving services. The sales rep will always answer, the driver and the crew will be extremely polite and honor request that they usually would not. You can expect a lot of Sir’s and Mam’s when talking with someone from the company in this case. The charge will be more than usual for their service so they will care more. It’s that simple.

Special care of items and planning

Pretty much the point of it all. Although they will not actually wear white gloves, they might as well with the level of service you will get. They will treat every item like a newborn. Additionally, you will probably be assigned a crew that has the most experience and has the best chance to execute a delicate move. If you are moving something valuable, this is extremely important. Although the price isn’t everything, none of us want to lose money when shipping. Special equipment will be used in order to make sure it all goes as planned. The exact route from the truck to the item is going to be calculated to an inch. This is what we call premium quality shipping in the industry. A lot more planning and execution that is not lacking.

Everything will be done in a proper and timely manner

It’s one of the worst nightmares for people that their movers will be late. If you have a tight schedule, you probably do not have an entire day to spend with the moving crew. This is the reason why you want them to be there when they said. Especially if it’s a longer move, like for your move from to Boston from New York. You should always have some leeway and understanding, but promises should be kept. You can expect this when paying for white glove shipping. Timely updates and notifications as to when you can expect them to arrive are normal when using this type of service.

No stress, extra smooth

The number one thing you read in a bad review is the amount of stress people had. It makes perfect sense for you to desire a move without stress. You are not just moving a bunch of items, it’s usually memories and valuable possessions. Every one of us has items that have sentimental value. Being stressed out as to when they are going to arrive and not get damaged is not something that you want. White glove shipping is a service that gives you the best chance to avoid this. Even if the weather is bad and delays are common. Since planning is at an extreme level and care is amazing, a stressful move is not something you have to worry about anymore. You can have a clear mind and not worry about what could happen when going for premium quality shipping.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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