Tips to Save on LTL Shipping

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments involve deliveries that are too large to be considered as parcels yet they are not big enough to fill an entire truckload. When you need to save on LTL deliveries, finding the right shipping option can be a daunting task. With LTL shipping rates being complex and confusing, finding the best option is part science and part art.

Tips to Save on LTL Shipping

The science

Fortunately, over the recent past, technology has simplified the previously complex process of finding the right LTL shipping in terms of cost savings and conveniences.

There are various factors that affect the cost of your LTL shipment:

Density: The bulk and weight is often influences freight classification. Density determines whether your load can get damaged easily.

Freight class: Choosing the right freight class can go a long way in saving money on LTL shipments. Factors that determine the freight class include density, liability, handling, and value; the lower the class, the lesser the fees. Moreover, choosing the right class will help you avoid additional costs and fees.

Distance/Location: Distance of the haul and the locality where the shipment is being taken to/from significantly affects the cost. The longer the distance the higher the fees. Moreover, proximity to a large metropolitan can significantly affect the rates. Some carrier service specific regions while others cover an entire country. Those shipping over short distances have plenty of options to choose from and therefore more bargains. More often than not, the LTL carrier from one region seamlessly transfers the cargo to another LTL carrier that serves the destination region.

The Art

The art in saving shipping costs comes by adding the human element in the equation. This involves allows you to customize shipping to suit your positions and needs. Here are some few tactical ways that can be instrumental in helping to save on LTL deliveries:

Know what your shipment entails

Ensure that your bill of lading is filled out correctly. Counter check the weight and the size of the shipment because entering the wrong freight class or other wrong estimates will attract additional fees and penalties.

Choose a reliable is the carrier

You should look for a reliable carrier that offers simple pricing. Avoid carriers with complex pricing options because you are likely to pay more for shipping due to confusion and also waste a lot of time redoing the paper work. Reliable freight services simplify the shipping process by presenting you with the suitable shipping options that match your goals, budget and timelines.

Choose efficient packaging

Efficient packaging entails packaging that guarantees safety on arrival and also cuts cost. This can be achieved through palletizing and crating.

The need to customize your shipment

Some of these customization options include goods tracking capabilities, liftgate service, expedited delivery, and delivery notification.

In Closing

Achieving significant savings in LTL shipping is all about presenting yourself with options. This way, you not only save on cash but also have higher odds finding a carrier that suits your needs. However, just as earlier mentioned, to find the best choice that addresses your budget, timelines, and safety is a challenge because you have to sift through numerous options. Fortunately, expert freight service providers will save you the hassle. The will help narrow your options to find the best LTL shipping that suits your needs.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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