Protecting Your Freight

As Freight on Trucks Becomes More Valuable, Thieves Get Creative in Their Attempts to Steal It.

Cargo thieves are expanding their methods to include those commonly used in cyber security hacks, such as social engineering, spoofing and identity theft. Thieves may use information gained through these methods to impersonate legitimate drivers and companies to create fictitious pickups using false shipping documents or post false loads to load boards and solicit bids to gain information on carriers to steal an identity.

Protecting Your Freight

Or, they may covertly attach a GPS sensor to the trailer, to steal the entire trailer when parked. At the trucking terminal, cargo thieves impersonating a legitimate carrier may look for loads late in the afternoon or on a Friday, assuming they will be faced with less scrutiny by the traffic manager when presenting forged paperwork.

Scott Cornell, a crime and theft specialist at Travelers Insurance’s transportation business division suggests the following countermeasures:

1. Research carrier information through legitimate sources, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and industry associations;

2. Work only with legitimate and licensed brokers with strong carrier vetting controls.

3. Always check for positive driver and truck information at the pickup point and verify information using known carrier contact phone numbers, not a number provided by the driver.

Ensuring drivers are rested, aware, maintain strict confidentiality about their loads and report suspicious activity immediately to 911 then their carriers’ security division can serve as effective deterrents to theft.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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