How To Ship Your Car To Another State

If you need to ship a car to another state, and don’t know where to start – you are in the right place! People ship their cars for many reasons, but whatever the reason – sending your car into a sunset with a stranger can cause a large amount of stress and anxiety. We have all heard horror stories and possible bad outcomes of shipping a car overseas or to another state, and it is no surprise many people avoid ever doing it. But, there is a safe way to ship your vehicle, and we are here to give you all the information needed to do so!

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First, you will need to find the right company

If you are moving out of state, and your car needs to go first – it might be a good idea to let professionals help you relocate. Create a timetable, and try sticking with it. You will need to find the right company to ship your car, before you find a mover to help you relocate. Or, you can find the company that is able to provide you with both services. Make a plan, and complete your task one by one. Time is precious when you are in the middle of a relocation project, so never postpone any tasks.

Ask your friends and coworkers for references, or try to find a reputable moving company online – it is really your choice. The important thing is to find someone you can trust, so it doesn’t really matter which way you find them. Look for companies with experience, licenses and affordable rates. But, make no mistake! You should never choose a company based only on price! Make sure you are in the safe hands first, and start from there.

Before you ship a car to another state you will need to prepare it
How? Let’s start from the beginning.

• Clean your car.
• Inspect every inch of your vehicle in and out before the shipping company does!
• Remove your personal belongings from it.
• Disable the car alarm.
• Secure/remove loose parts.

Clean your car
Even if you are shipping your car on an open trailer, always wash it before sending it anywhere. This step will help you inspect your car before letting anyone else handle it.

Inspect every inch of your vehicle in and out
Make sure you know your car. And we mean, really know! Every inch of it, in and out. Why? If anything goes wrong or missing, you need to know your vehicles state before shipping it.

Remove your personal belongings from it
In order to ship a car to another state in a safe manner, you should empty it completely. Remove all personal items, and don’t fill up the tank to make it easier. Every pound matters, so make sure you lower the shipping costs as much as possible.

Disable the car alarm
An alarm can cause a lot of trouble, so make sure you disable it before you ship a car to another state. You want the person driving the truck concentrated on the road – not your alarm’s sound!

Secure/remove loose parts
Wide mirrors, antennae, spoilers and fog lights can get damaged during the transport, so it might be a good idea to remove them in advance to prevent bad things from happening.

Get some insurance
In case something goes wrong – broken, damaged, destroyed or missing – car shipping insurance will come in handy. It might seem like an expensive option, but if you want to save yourself from stressing about your car’s safety – you should most definitely consider buying a shipping insurance. Every reputable car shipping company has many options to choose from, and we are sure you will find an optimal solution before you ship a car to another state.

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Look for storage facilities
It is not uncommon for shipments to arrive before you do, and the solution to this problem is to find a safe storage facility. Include your friends in the search for the reliable company to ensure your vehicle’s safety at all times. And before you sign any contract, make sure you are putting your car in the right hands. The rental storage you plan on using should be secure, affordable, easy accessible and fully equipped.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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