Delivering What Customers Want Through Freight Forwarding

Two things separate the best performing freight forwarding companies from other shipping companies.  Number one, the mastery of standardized processes and number two, the use of integrated IT.  By applying automatic procedures, a company can cut the costs of freight transport, decrease errors and accelerate speed to the marketplace. While integrated IT creates transparency for both freight broker companies and their customers.

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When a shipping company is looking to have freight moved they have high expectations of transparency. This is and has become more mainstream and expected based on other markets both online and offline. A good example is passenger cruise lines now routinely offer flexibility, choice and transparency to all of their customers from well before the trip is booked and throughout their entire experience.

There are very few freight forwarding companies in the industry that can meet these high customer expectations. The only way of providing the speed and agility that customers want is to make substantial fluctuations to IT systems and put technology in the forefront of the business. This allows consistent freight transportation updates to customers on a timely basis.

An additional way that a freight services broker can use IT to deliver what their customers need is to deliver guidance and direction. These businesses want to be able to turn to their shipping company for a guiding hand. By making use of a virtual private network, freight brokers can offer flexible working to their employees, so the staff can work just as efficiently wherever they are at the time. This can mean faster, improved freight transportation services for clients as well as making it easier for broker companies to provide 24/7 customer services which is really in high demand in this day and age.

To really be on the cutting-edge shipping companies will have to make regular use of video conferencing in their engagements with customers, making their freight services feel more personal. Through the incorporation and creative use of IT, a freight brokering company can stay ahead of the curve, giving their customers what they want and then some.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

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