Brighter Logistics Newest Client Is Turning Shipping Containers Into Homes

Here at Brighter Logistics we have many clients that ship all kinds of different widgets, parts and merchandise across the united states.  But we could not be more excited about our newest client C3 UP and what we will be shipping for them, homes that are made from shipping containers.  C3 UP (a division of C3 Ventures) is currently working on about half a dozen large, metal shipping containers are undergoing modifications to become homes in their facility called C33D and a warehouse C3 UP located in Flint Michigan.

“It’s all part of the culture of what C3 means: Clean air, clean soil, clean water — so are able to make use out of these containers that were just sitting around rotting,” said Chris Williams, president and CEO of C33D.

C3 UP has already completed one storage container home, which was placed in Ferndale, and it’s currently in the beginning stages of building its second home.  The containers, some of which were used only once, were purchased in Detroit and brought back to the warehouse where crews cut holes for windows and doors to be installed.

Gil Opaleski, warehouse operations manager said after that, they’ll paint the outside with a Rhino liner, which is the same material used for pickup truck bed liners. “That’s good for 60 years, and the top of the roof – I mean, it’s better than shingles. You can hit it with a hammer and it won’t dent, it won’t chip or anything,” he said.

Other ideas for containers are also in the works, including creating manufactured park models that are smaller and on wheels with a hitch, as well as apartment complexes, since the containers can be stacked as many as 16 high.

Brighter Logistics will be handing all future transportation needs of C3 UP, from delivering the containers before they are converted into homes as well as delivering them to their dedications where they will be lived in and enjoyed for many years.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics



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