Joanne’s Mark provides caring and comfort for terminally ill children and families

By Mike Scott
Jason and Becky Garvan have big dreams. And those dreams will ultimately have an incredible impact on the lives of children, their siblings, parents and grandparents around metro Detroit — and perhaps even over a much broader area.

The Garvans recently started Joanne’s Mark, a nonprofit organization for terminally ill children and their families that provides a dedicated caring, comfortable hospice facility for kids ages 17 and younger. It’s a dream that came about for the Garvans after the personal loss of an infant daughter they named Joanne in 2002, and from the couple’s experience managing and owning an adult hospice care facility in Macomb County.

The idea is being started from scratch and Jason estimates that it may take fundraising of $1 million just to secure a location and operate a six-bed facility in the Troy area for the first 12 months. Ultimately he hopes that the idea catches on and that there will be a similar children’s hospice facility within a 45-minute drive of children’s’ hospitals around the country. Despite the daunting task, Jason isn’t worried.

“Honestly we have experience in this field and running (an adult foster care facility) was one of the best things that happened to us,” said Jason, who lives in Lenox Township with Becky and their two children. “A children’s hospice facility is a need— there really aren’t any facilities like this anywhere.”

The reason, he believes, is the perceived prohibitive cost. While many adults and seniors may have savings or insurance that can help cover the cost of hospice care, younger families often spend their life savings trying to help a child fight a long-term illness, making the affordability of such care difficult. In fact, for-profit healthcare facilities may not see the concept as feasible in any way.

But early on Jason and Becky have done their homework. They traveled to Arizona to meet with Frank Shankwitz, the founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation. They also have held three Joanne’s Mark fundraisers in metro Detroit, including one at a cigar shop, a fishing trip, and most recently a late October event that raised several thousand dollars at Sherwood Brewing Company in Shelby Township that drew more than 50 people.

Local resident Justin Bright is the owner of third-party freight brokerage Brighter Logistics and met Jason at a networking event earlier this year. Once he heard about the goal that Jason and Becky had, he became fully committed to the effort. Justin and his wife Wendy are involved with their own children as coaches of local sports teams.

“I can say that the largest fear in my life is losing a child,” Justin said. “The challenges that these families must go through is overwhelming but it’s such a great organization that supports such a unique need. It’s just a great idea that Jason brought to life.”

Sherwood Brewing Company Owner Ray Sherwood also was moved by the idea of the organization, and donated food and drinks for the recent fundraiser, as part of many charitable events the restaurant support.
“How can you not love the idea?” Sherwood said.

Learn more by visiting or calling Jason at 586-7195869.

Joanne's Mark - Brighter Logistics

At the bottom left is Justin Bright, up top is Jason Garvan; bottom right is Ray Sherwood.

Article Source: The Macomb Daily (10/29/2017 Issue page A012)


What is Third-party logistics?

A supply chain of management that a company uses to outsource its fulfillment and distribution services, in the business world, is known as a third party logistics or 3PL. This type of logistics management company will plan and store the goods and services a company provides. In turn, they are a liaison that fulfill the transportation requirements of customers, starting at the originating party and ending with the consumer.

What is Third-party logistics

Here are some types of third party logistics providers:

– Courier companies

– Freight forwarders

– Transportation services

Third-party providers are logistics specialists that perform within a specific integrated operation. Such things as transportation and warehousing services can be customized for each business they serve. This also depends on the type of delivery required and the service demands for all products a company provides to the greater community.

Production and procurement of goods are some of the services these companies offer. The target of these logistics companies in 2014 reached a total of US$750 billion. It is also well known that many Fortune 100 companies use third parties and that the expected growth of another 5% is being predicted. By 2024 the logistics business will reach US$1 billion.

What types of other services do they provide?

Value-added aid and services in such areas as tracking, specialized packaging, security systems, cross-docking and tracing of products are some of the other services the logistics companies provide for their clients. There is also a great cost-saving for larger companies that use 3PL parties.

Specialized Logistics Experts

The advantage of using these types of third party companies is that they have established network systems and low overhead costs. This in turn gives an edge to any business, and also brings great savings for their clients.

A 1PL is a single service provider that is geographically specific. They only serve specific products and use their own shipping method. For example, depot companies and port operators are 1 PL’s. They have their own warehouses and regulations.

A 2PL uses logistics services to assist them that are external and can provide such things as forklifts and trucks for handling the cargo they are moving for their clients. This type of logistics company started once globalization began. Companies started to outsource their courier, freight, ocean carriers and parcel services to independent logistics companies so as to be more effective and save on costs.

On Demand Transportation

Also known to be similar to telemarketing logistics, these centers assist customers with the following 5 types of transportation:

1) Full truck load – The truck leaves the destination full of merchandise

2) Less truck load – A partially full truck that is leaving the logistics center

3) Direct courier – Also known as “Hotshot”, as the merchandise is delivered directly

4) Best or Next Flight out – Is when shipping is done by means of commercial airlines

5) International Expedited – Used for overseas packages and goods

A lot of time and money can be saved when a producing or selling company trusts a third party logistics to take over. These larger freight management companies are familiar with the shipping requirements, have updated IT systems and 3PL equipment. It’s very beneficial for a large or even mid-size company to utilize third party resources for an increase in profitability and savings.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

What is a Freight Forwarder and How to Choose the Best One

If it’s a commodity that’s being shipped, your company needs to know the means, the exact destination and volume of items that will be shipped. Whether it’s air freight or ocean freight that is being used, your company will be paying a different price. Also, depending how often you will be using the freight forwarder you will choose is an important criteria for the selection of an excellent forwarder.

What is a Freight Forwarder

A forwarder is a company that works with the shipping company you already have to organize, store and ship your valuable merchandise. Inventory and transportation of your products must be maintained with great attention, detailed communication and with an experienced freight forwarder. This will allow your company to be able to be productive and competent.


An experienced company will handle your shipments with great coverage and on a regular basis to all of your worldwide destinations. The reputation of your freight broker is extremely important, so that mistakes can be avoided and problems solved if and when they arise. The overall positive evaluation of the freight forwarding company you select will enable your business to expand in a positive manner.

What does a company really need from a freight forwarder?

The affiliations and expertise of the agents is crucial, and their familiarity with the customs rules and regulations will prevent obstacles from getting in the way of your shipments. Many logistics customers have been very happy, since they have been able to lower their long term overall shipping and handling costs by using a seasoned freight agency that is reliable and dependable.

Some companies can periodically offer free freight services to save time. They can even develop specific shipping plans that will assist in keeping low costs, while optimizing resources and lowering freight risks regarding management and delivery. It is a good idea to outsource your company logistics and getting automated services.

Avoiding Delays

Another important part your freight company can assist with is setting up specific routes that meet your product delivery situations and shipment coverage. In that way, you can be assured to be able to ship your merchandise without any delays. Some forwarders have a large carrier network that is flexible and precise with shipment deliveries.

An efficient freight company will prepare the Bill of Lading and schedule the shipment with the proper carrier; many times at a very beneficial rate to you. They will prepare and confirm an activity report, which can be done on a regular monthly and even daily basis. They can also assist you with auditing and freight savings prior to sending you an invoice.

A fully established and reliable freight broker is one that promptly handles all freight operations for their customers 24/7, while providing complete information and access to a variety of online data and information. Convenient shipping quotes and a freight tracking system that is part of an experienced brokers portfolio is pertinent when looking for new clients. Customers should be grateful for the superior effort and work their freight broker put into all their shipment needs, both small and large.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics

6 Benefits Shippers Get When Hiring A Transportation Management Services Company

6 Benefits Shippers Get When Hiring A Transportation Management Services Company

There are several benefits that shippers are going to get when they hire a transportation management services company. The first benefit is that they are going to be able to make better decisions based on data. This means that you don’t have to play the guessing game about what you have done because it is a lot easier to plan where you are going. This is because the shippers are going to better understand all of their activities. Therefore, the shipper can make strategic decisions.

Benefits Hiring Transportation Management

The second benefit of the freight broker is the process enforcement. This means that the company is going to have a lot of technology that is going to help them to run their business. Therefore, you can build the customized business logic to make sure that the users of the transportation management services will be able to select the best carriers. They can also enforce the routing guide by working with all of the vendors through the direct freight routing on the behalf of the vendor.

The third benefit of the freight broker is the warehouse efficiency. When you have your transportation managed properly so that you will be able to have a successful procure transportation with less of a delay. This means that your warehouse and overall operations are going to be a lot more efficient. When you have a product coming for inbound reliably and the product will be getting to the customers more reliable. Therefore, you will be able to make other aspects of the benefit of the business.

The fourth benefit of the transportation management services is the customer satisfaction. This means that the customer service levels will increase once you have hired the company because you are going to be able to stay competitive in a very competitive market. We all know that it is a lot easier to gain a customer but it is harder to keep the customer. You are going to need to be able to get the product to the customers on time so if you are having problems with a lot of claims on the freight team, then this could lead to a lot of customers complaining.

The fifth benefit is that there is going to be an improvement in the cash flow of the company. This is because you are going to know exactly what you should be charging all of your customers. This is especially true once you have the ability to understand how the transportation accounting is going to work for your company.

The sixth benefit is a reduction in your inventory. The programs like the just in time and know each of the locations where the inventory is going to be transported. This is one of the best ways for your company to have an inbound transportation program that is successful. Therefore, you will be able to make better strategic business decisions that will impact all of the jobs of the managers of the company especially the supply chain director of the company.

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics a Transportation Management Services Company

Learning Key Ingredients for a Successful Life

Nicholas Clarke has at least three key ingredients for a successful life: a good attitude, a good work ethic, and good connections. Those life skills were developed or nurtured during Winning Futures’ 22-week program in which students work with mentors to consider their futures and determine the steps necessary to reach their goals.

Freight Broker In Michigan

The third-year finance major at Albion College credits his mentor, Jason Gordon, with teaching and modeling those life skills.

“Jason came in each and every week with a big smile on his face that was contagious to the rest of our group,” Nick said. “He was always quick to crack a joke, but equally as fast to bring us back to reality and comment on how something may apply to the real world one day.”

What also impressed Nick was that while Jason was passionate about teaching and modeling a strong work ethic, “he was so passionate about just being a father and husband at the end of the day.”

Jason’s impact on Nick went beyond the classroom: Jason was one of the connections from Winning Futures who helped him land his internship this past summer with Clinton Township logistics company Brighter Logistics.

Justin Bright, owner of the company, is part of a networking group with Kristina Marshall, president and CEO of Winning Futures. After they talked, Justin interviewed Nick and then brought him on as a summer intern. Justin was impressed with Nick’s confidence. “Confidence goes a long way,” he said.

Justin also was impressed by his work ethic. “I’m a big, big believer in hard work,” he said, and Nick delivered. It wasn’t just the fact that Nick made more than 120 cold sales calls a day, but it was how he did it.

“He wasn’t dialing because he had to, he was dialing because he wanted to, and there’s a big difference. And for a kid of only 20, he was very mature and would do everything that he needed to do to be successful.” Justin said he felt that Nick’s exceptional work attitude was a result of the mentoring program he attended and the people he’s worked with.

Nick’s performance convinced Justin that he “absolutely” would be interested in hiring more Winning Futures alumni.

“Teaming up with somebody like Winning Futures and helping that young person that doesn’t have the experience on their resume that’s going to help them get another, maybe even better, job, that’s what we want to do. We want to continue to work with the younger generation to help them be successful.”

Source: Winning Futures Alumni Success Stories

Shipping Tips to BRIGHTEN your day

Shipping Tips to BRIGHTEN your day!

We all know the feeling, when carriers add extra services and you did not ask for them.  This is a frustrating situation and we are here to help and offer some guidance to hopefully avoid this.   Although, sometimes we just can’t avoid these but these shipping tips may help!

Shipping Tips

Some carriers will add extra services, such as lift gate and inside delivery, even if these are not on the BOL.    If someone requests extra services at time of pick up or delivery the driver will proceed to ensure the delivery is not refused.  Most carriers will not contact us or you for approval and these services will be performed and billed for.

We want to help you avoid these extra fees.  Educating your customers is the best way so they know what to expect at time of delivery.

We recommend advising your customers of the following to help avoid these extra fees, such as lift gate and inside delivery.

Residential delivery:

Most residential deliveries need a lift gate so please include this in your quote request.

Notify your customer that the delivery will be CURBSIDE and they have to then move it from there.

If you need inside delivery, if they can’t move it from the curb inside, let us know and we can include this in your quote too.

INSIDE DELIVERY:  This means, FIRST FLOOR/FIRST DOOR.    The item needs to be manageable by one driver and the need to be able to use a pallet jack to bring freight to the front door or garage door with no stairs so please keep this in mind.

Residential deliveries require an appointment so a valid phone number is very important.    Once the freight arrives at the destination terminal, they will then call the consignee to schedule a delivery appointment.   This process usually adds an extra day or two to the transit time.

Commercial delivery with no loading dock:

If a location does not have a loading dock, they will most likely need a lift gate.   Please let us know when requesting a quote and we can include this in your quote.

If they have a fork lift, please let them know to meet the driver at delivery and let the driver know right away that they have a fork lift and will be unloading the freight by themselves.  If the driver arrives and does not see a loading dock and no one comes out to meet them they may go ahead and use the lift gate and unload the freight so this is important to know.

Spread the word!

Please explain in detail to your customer what is included in the delivery and what is not so they know when the driver arrives to not ask them to bring the fright in the office, house or garage.  The driver will do this, even if not on the BOL, but they will also charge more so that is why the person receiving the freight needs to know this.   Even if the driver just brings it one foot inside, this is considered inside delivery.  Once freight is delivered and they sign the delivery receipt with extra services marked, we are not able to dispute these and we will have to invoice for these services.

How can we help?    Have a BRIGHTER day!

Justin Bright – CEO Brighter Logistics