About Us

Moving Forward Together.

Our Mission

Brighter Logistics is a family-owned business singularly focused on the success and growth of small and mid-size companies through unparalleled service, aggressive pricing and one of the most advanced just-in-time delivery systems in the shipping industry.


Fast friendly service is the key to our success and the reason why many of our customers have been with us for years.


Our nationwide delivery network allows us to offer some of the deepest discounts in the industry.


Our interactive web site allows us to track your shipment every step of the way to ensure that it arrives on time.

A few kind words from a valued customer

“I know I have told you before but I just want to thank you for all of your help. The past few months you have made my job so much easier as well as covering and catching things to ensure my shipments go smoothly. I have the background for an office with knowledge of inventory, job costing, purchasing and even shipping but not to the extent of the shipping we do here as well as learning the trade so again thank you because if it weren't for your guidance I would have hit some real hard patches. I know you hear the complaints (that is if you even get any) but seldom do you hear how much you are appreciated.”

– Julie

Our Team

Together, Moving Forward to a Brighter Future.

  • 7 years in business
  • provides proactive solutions
  • Taking the complicated out of transportation management.
  • Presidential Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Ships anywhere in USA
  • Bringing solutions to you
  • Direct Partnership with Global Trans

Justin Bright

Owner "We thrive at investing in business relationships that definably support the goals of our clients and employees allowing everyone to succeed together." Email Me

Wendy Bright

Owner “The positive, enthusiastic attitudes is what makes working at Brighter Logistics so great!” Email Me

Jen Alexander

Office Manager “Our team believes in working together to create positive outputs that help everyone together become best at what we do.” Email Me

Katie DeSandre

Account Manager “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Email Me

Georgeanne Rimkus

Account Manager “The team I work with is amazing, and this helps make a great work environment.” Email Me

Lindsay Meatte

Account Manager “Working with co-workers that are like family makes every day an entertaining day.” Email Me

Hannah Gill

Account Manager “Brighter Logistics creates a pleasant atmosphere for their employees, making teamwork enjoyable and success attainable.” Email Me

Aaron Solomon

National Sales Rep “The atmosphere is what makes Brighter Logistics an awesome place to work.” Email Me

Tommy Crank

National Sales Rep “I like working at Brighter Logistics because you work as an individual within a team atmosphere.” Email Me